Does the location need wifi?

We can use existing wifi if it has sufficient bandwidth, but we can also use our mobile hotspot.

Who shoots the video and how many cameras will be used?

The number of cameras used will be by agreement prior to the shoot. We can mix and stream up to six cameras with our equipment. Professional cinematographers will operate the cameras and quality archives will be made.

Will there be cords and cables all over the ground?

Some cords and cables are necessary, particularly in multicam shoots, to link cameras and sound to the switching and upload equipment. Every effort is made to keep them as unobtrusive as possible by positioning of cameras, switching equipment, etc., and routing necessary cables in a way that minimizes visibility and exposure.

How do people access the video feed and is it difficult?

We can stream to Facebook, open access platforms such as Youtube, or to our own reader. This means you can allow access from your Facebook or website by embedding a link that will allow anyone who accesses them to see the stream by clicking the link. If access needs to be more limited, then additional security protocols can be implemented. Access can be as easy or as controlled as a client desires.

What is the video quality?

Our cameras can shoot in 4k (four times the resolution of HD). Our streaming equipment has the capability of streaming HD (what you typically see on TV). In many cases, though, it is preferable to stream at a lower resolution to help eliminate buffering on the receiving end of the stream, but even at these reduced rates, the video is very good.

Will viewers be able to hear us well?

High quality sound is one of the major advantages of our streaming. Since the stream is live, the sound is very dependent on the positioning and quality of the capture devices. We have professional equipment and experienced technicians to get the best quality sound the environment allows. In most cases it will be excellent.

Is the video public or private?

The video and the privacy level is at your discretion. It can be as private as you like or as easily accessible as you like.

Can it be embedded directly on my website?

Absolutely. We can provide you with an embed code so that you can place it on your own website.

Do I get a copy of the video after the event?

Yes, you will receive the footage in its original quality. We will also offer an edited version for an additional cost.

Can something go wrong?

Our system is built around redundancy in every phase of the process. Every key piece of equipment is backed up so, should something go wrong, the replacement is already in place and functional. No one can say with absolute certainty that nothing can go wrong, but we take every precaution to prevent it from impeding our performance.

Can we monetize our live stream?

You are allowed to do so, however, you will be responsible for the handling of access and payments by whatever methods you see fit and decide to use.

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